Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tony DeSare: Radio Show

By Ric Bang • Originally published in The Davis Enterprise, 4.2.09
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I reviewed vocalist/composer/arranger Tony DeSare's first album (Want You) in 2005, and concluded my assessment with the words, “He can't miss.”

I was equally pleased with his second album (Last First Kiss); it marked his arrival in the big time, and I knew it would be a pleasure to watch him grow.

Well, grow he has, and this third album is proof that he's the best young male vocalist in the country.

Why, then, isn't he better known?

Early in his career, DeSare performed primarily on the East Coast; he developed a significant fan base but seldom went on the road. That has changed. Since 2007, DeSare has performed on both coasts, at some cities in mid-America, and has toured overseas. He also went on the road to promote this album.

Radio Show is a clever production. Several music labels are releasing “time capsule” albums that cover past work done by famous artists; many of these include some re-mastered radio broadcasts that featured the artists in question. DeSare has used this approach as well; each tune here is preceded by a radio host or DJ, who introduces the song and the artist.

The album features 14 tracks, covering tunes from the past and the present; DeSare composed five of the latter. More than a dozen instrumentalists worked on the finished product. DeSare plays keyboard on every track, and is supported — in different combinations, and on varying tracks — by three trumpets, a trombone, three saxes, a bass, drums, two guitars, a B3 organ, another pianist and a female vocalist.

No matter what the mix, the results are choice. This is a great album, and DeSare is a sensational vocalist.

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