Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Beaty Brothers Band

By Ric Bang • Originally published in The Davis Enterprise, 10.1.09
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Twin brothers John (alto sax) and Joe Beaty (trombone) grew up under extremely “hard time” circumstances, with numerous foster parents. Even so, they received scholarships to New York's New School University, where they studied music.

They were homeless at times, and years were required to become recognized as first-call musicians in the area. Then, after having just achieved such recognition, Joe developed a serious heart condition that turned into a five-year struggle.

Both men are healthy now, and are active in the New York City jazz world. On this, their debut album — the tracks were laid down prior to the final surgery that solved Joe's heart condition — they're joined by three close friends who helped them make it through the tough times: pianist Yayoi Ikawa, bassist Jim Robertson and drummer Ari Hoenig.

Nobody in this group is well known outside of New York, but they've obviously played together long enough to meld nicely. All the compositions and arrangements on this CD are by the Beaty brothers; they're innovative, interesting and — most important — they swing.

I look forward to hearing more from these guys, as they work their way up the ladder.

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