Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Richard Cole: Inner Mission

Origin Arts
By Ric Bang
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This is another release from the great musicians who have made the Pacific Northwest their home; only world-famous trumpeter Randy Brecker resides elsewhere. This Seattle-area congregation consists of more than a dozen musicians who perform in various quartets and quintets, depending on the track.

Brecker and Thomas Marriott handle the trumpet and flugelhorn; Richard Cole plays both tenor and soprano sax; and Bill Anschell and John Hansen play piano. Bassists and drummers abound: Chuck Deardorf, Jon Hamar, Paul Gabrielson, Doug Miller and Jeff Hamilton perform on the former, while the percussionists are John Bishop, Matt Jorgensen, Jose Martinez and Gary Hobbs.

The tunes selected range from reconstructed standards (“Try To Remember,” “The Meaning Of The Blues” and “Secret Love”) and originals written by members of the groups. The jazz style is traditional, leaning toward quasi-fusion. Both Cole and Brecker have had extensive involvement with rock groups, but don’t let that deter you; this is some of the tastiest music you’ve heard.

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