Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sheryl Bailey: For All Those Living

PureMusic Records
By Ric Bang
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Unless you’re a really avid guitar fan, or spend time in the New York City area, you likely don't know about Sheryl Bailey. She's a relatively young artist who usually plays with small groups and is more interested in making music than becoming a name.

Today's electronic technology has made it remarkably easy to record music, and it isn't much more difficult to self-release an album. That's both an advantage and a curse; you don't need a contract with a recording company, or even a manager, but it's much more difficult to establish a presence and get publicity.

Bailey composes her own tunes, and has her own recording studio and record company. This is her newest release.

The first few bars of the first track are enough to prove that we're listening to a master of the instrument. Bailey's technique is excellent, and she's in complete control at all times. Her ability to produce background chord structure, while maintaining melodic lines, is outstanding. She enjoys and performs a wide range of jazz genres, from traditional through bop.

The backing trio — pianist Jim Ridi, bassist Gary Wang and drummer Shingo Okudaira — provides a solid foundation without interfering with the smooth musical content that Bailey lays down. Her menu covers all tempos, including solid swingers and balladic "memorials" to other artists who've influenced her.

Those who love guitar will want this album.

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