Monday, March 12, 2012

The Nick Moran Trio: No Time Like Now

Manor Sound Records
By Ric Bang
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Nick Moran, a New York native, began to play the trumpet when he was 10; he switched to guitar several years later, after hearing artists such as George Benson, Jimmy Hall and Wes Montgomery. Moran’s early jazz training began in Germany, at Fachbereich Musik in Mainz, and continued at the City College of
New York. One of his key study groups, “Rhythm Sections,” covered a two-year period under the tutelage of bassist Ron Carter and pianist/arranger Mike Holober.

Moran works almost exclusively in the New York City area and currently is involved with two groups. This album features a trio comprised on Moran, organist Brad Whiteley and drummer Chris Benham. Moran composed all but one of the 10 tracks, and did all of the arrangements.

This is not a wildly swinging unit; it plays smooth jazz, which depends significantly on the Hammond B3 organ to carry the basic melodic line as a support for Moran’s excellent guitar work. The result is extremely pleasant music that will hold your attention, while not preventing conversation with others at your club table.

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